Monday, May 9, 2011


 28 APRIL hari paling bermakne bagi aku,,nak taw nape?? hahaha.. birthday aku la yang ke 19..but aku terkejut cuz ade orang wat suprise kat aku,, sape ek?? my CHINTA HATI la.. jaat giler die wat aku sampai nangis..hahaha..thnks syg for that,,saya tetap akan ingat sampai maty moment tue..hihihi.. music box, bunga,teddy bear, frame gambar yang cute sangat, and yang paling bermakne aku dapat 3 keping  love letter dari sidia..hahaha,,
There are not many people who know me well enough to get me a gift that I would like as well as the gift you got me.  I am a picky person, but you know me well.  Thanks for getting me a perfect birthday present.
 You are so sweet to remember my big day! I was trying to forget it but when your gift arrived, I was actually glad it really was my birthday. 
     I didn't expect you to buy me a birthday gift, and you really surprised me.  Thanks for your thoughtfulness.  You are a generous and thoughtful person.                            

 thnks so much dear ,LOVE YOU

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