Wednesday, May 11, 2011

boyfie,swear I LOVE YOU ..

you're mine and i am yours forever.. i will do whatever i can make you happy and let you know my love fore you is true.. you told me you love me and you wanna be mine.. so i told you how i feel, i told you i love you back.
we are still happy and enjoying life together..
you're always being soooo sweet to me and you smile make my day.. you know i love you baby, i always tell you that.. again, i’m sorry if I fall short of your expectations at times.. we both know that we’re not perfect but I still do try to somehow be enough for you, so that you can be contented on what we have.

when I am not with you, I want to be.. when I am with you, i just cant get enough of you. my whole world has been turned upside down. its terrible and its wonderful, and I hope it never ends, because loving you is the greatest thing thats ever happened to me.

trust me when i say i love you because i mean it from the bottom of my heart.. i will never leave you AMINULLAH until you ask me to.
you're such a wonderful gift. a very precious one. a gift to keep, a gift to care and a gift to love now and forever. you are so amazing that you make me feel complete. i would not want any other person. i only want you in my life.
you are different from any other person that i knew before. as you are here for me, know i am here for you always. for as long as i live. i only love you.
i love you so much and will always love you until forever. that's a promise that i’ll surely going to keep forever in my heart.

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