Monday, September 17, 2012

This probably my absolute favourite liquid eyeliner so far! I really like it and it's the only eyeliner I have used since I first bought it

The packaging of the eyeliner is really cute
The tip is quite thin and soft which makes it very easy to draw nice and precise lines. The eyeliner goes on very smoothly as well since it's kind of "watery". It doesn't crack and stays on well for the whole day without smudging.

+ Easy to apply.+ Stays on the whole day. + Doesn't smudge.+ Waterproof
Overall I think this is a great eyeliner, I really recommend it. My eyes tend to get a bit oily in the outer corners during the day which made my previous eyeliners smudge and disappear after a while, but the Dolly Wink eyeliner stays on for the whole day. I also like the thin tip of the pencil that makes it easier to create a nice wing and to fill in blank spots at your lashline. Love this!

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