Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Have you ever taken song lines and tried to make a poem with them? Well, my friend  used to do it all the time, so I heard this one song and really liked the words, so I tried to find words from songs that fit. Let me know what you think! 

Finally I figured it out 
But it took a long, long time 
All my roads 
Well they lead to you 
I just can’t turn 
And walk away 

I’m so confused 
There’ve been times 
I thought I’d seen it all 

You came into my life 
I’ve waited all my life 
To feel this way 

Maybe you’re right, I can’t live without you 
Maybe two is better than one 
I don’t care what people will say 
I’m running after you 
I won’t turn back and go their way 
I stand here in this place 
All I want is you 

Words can’t say 
I can’t do enough 
To prove 
It’s all for you 

You’ve already got me coming undone 
Sometimes your ways I cannot understand 
And nothing else will ever feel this way. 

Lines adopted from following songs: 
“Two is Better Than One” Boys Like Girls 
“Running After You” Plantshakers 
“All I Want is You” Plantshakers 
“All for you” Madhatters

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