Tuesday, November 1, 2011

before and past

 My dear love...how easily u asked me to forget u for once n all but it isnt easy.time didnt favour me to forget me.ur memories haunts me n i feel myself dieing bit by bit.u said u will never leave me alone.remember how we cried when i had to leave u for two days to be out of the town n i can never forget ur reaction after we met again.though u came to pick me up at the station u didnt even looked at me n said u r angry with me n dont want to see me then on but then when i turn back to leave u u did the most wonderful thing forcing me into ur warm arms n kissing me over n again with tears in ur eyes n u did make me realize how much u love me n how lucky is me to have u.
but thing changed .that was because u were too possessive of me n that made me loose my freedom but that wasnt the end my dear i always did what u wanted but then finally u left me all alone in choas n confusion some where far away so naming our relationship long distance relationship n explaining distance as hard though we both knew some thing can be done we ended away...i know u still love me because i have seen u jealous when i m with somebody else.i have seen u go red when somebody else kisses me. I have seen u growl when somebody takes my hand for a dance but i dont know why u r still so silent.may be u think i dont love u but u dont know how much i wish u to come back to me hold my hand,take me into ur warm arms n kiss me hot rather than burn urself with smoke n drinks.
i miss ur smile dear i want it back.i dont know why u r not coming back to me even though u want to.if u can plz hear my cry.my heart yearns for u n i may die slowly if u behave like this forever.i love u a lot.just like to feel n comfort myself looking at the sky that we r atleast under the same roof the sky n not so far away.just say again those three words n i will cross the deepest ocean the dryest desert n the densest forest just to be with u.
I love u. My love is pure please come back forever urs...

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